The enterprise

At its facility in Lower St. Lawrence, Hybrix designs and manufactures storage containers for shipping bulk maple syrup. Hybrix has innovated by creating a revolutionary double-walled barrel. Developed by our team of experts, the S.P. barrel is the result of a patented process combining rotational moulded plastic and stainless steel. This innovative double-walled product contains a stainless-steel inner container that is covered by a protective plastic outer container. This process offers better resistance to shocks and greater durability than the barrels currently available on the market.

In the last few months, Hybrix has also expanded its range of products and now manufactures 35 and 45-gallon plastic barrels of unparalleled quality and a 700 l (154-gallon) tank. With an eye for innovation and striving to raise standards, the plastic used is food-grade and non-porous.

Finally, Hybrix offers industrial drafting, mould making, and rotational moulding subcontracting services.

Our mission

To offer quality smart containers, designed and manufactured in Quebec. Hybrix is a leader in offering innovative products that stand out from competitors. We are committed to designing products that meet the needs of the industry while promoting partnerships.

Our vision

Hybrix wishes to position itself as the leader in Quebec for manufacturing bulk shipping and storage containers.

Our values

Hybrix is founded on the values of integrity and rigour. The company believes that family is an integral part of its success. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our partnership with our customers.

Our team

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Working first in the construction field, Mr. Richard then developed his passion for industrial design in a self-taught manner. An entrepreneur since 2015, he combines product design and technical drafting with business management and human resources. Mr. Richard has worked for many years in research and development. He has collaborated at the forefront of many large-scale projects.

Jean-Luc Richard

President, Founder, and Co-Owner

Alis Fréchette

Administrative Coordinator

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Dr. Dufresne has been a family physician in our region for several years and has been involved with Hybrix since 2020. With strong skills and a keen interest in entrepreneurship, he is motivated by promising projects for the local economy. He contributes his business expertise to Hybrix.

Pierre-Olivier Dufresne


Alexandre Cyr

Production Supervisor